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No Chit-Chat, No Booze, No Shoes, Just Dance!

Ecstatic Dance

Is a freeform conscious dance where movement expands
* spirit activates * boundaries melt *
* boredom ceases * creativity breaks out *
* hope happens * beauty flows *
* communities collaborate * ritual is reinvented *
* harmony resonates *
The beat deepens as an electronic tapestry of world rhythms weave us together as individuals within a greater family.

Dance as a manifestation of LIGHT!

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines

1. No talking on the dance floor
2. Dance however you wish
3. Respect yourself and one another
A safe and sacred space for movement.
A source of progressive dance music for your transformation.
Please no shoes or chit-chat on the dance floor.
Please also refrain from street shoes, photos, video and scents. If you'd rather not dance with someone, or are ending a dance with someone, thank them by placing your hands in prayer at your heart.
Namaste...''My Spirit acknowledges Yours''.
To engage in a dance with someone, use sensitivity: Are they open for dancing with me?